Duck Dynasty Slot


Duck Commander, Duck Dynasty, based on the Robinson family and their business, has become one of the most
successful reality shows of all time. As is usually the case,
when the TV show gets so popular, Duck Dynasty has found its way
place in the casino thanks to Bally’s.

Unlike the redneck family it is based on,
Bally’s Duck Dynasty slot machine is quite luxurious thanks to the Alpha 2 Pro case
Series with two slots side by side and many
bonus features.

But is it worth playing Ducky Dynasty slots only if you are
a fan of the show? Or is it a slot that everyone can enjoy?

Find out in our review, which goes into the details of Duck Dynasty.
bonus rounds and comparison with the mobile version.

The first aspect of Duck Dynasty to discuss is
Alpha 2 Pro Series case. This side-by-side setup allows you
and your friend play at the same time, letting you watch
for big wins and bonus rounds of each other.

The cabinet also has a screen above the drums showing
several moving characters from real life. It’s nice
a touch of realism while playing.

You will, of course, see the main characters on the drums,
including all of the following:

  • Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander
  • Corey Robertson, Willie’s wife
  • Jace Robertson, Willie’s brother
  • Uncle C Robertson, Uncle Willie
  • Miss Kay Robertson, Willie’s mom
  • Phil Robertson, Willie’s father

There are several other symbols in the game as well.

Duck Call is Wild and substitutes for all other symbols except Bonus Wheel and Duck Dynasty.

The Duck Dynasty symbol offers the highest recurring payout in
10,000 coins when it appears five times on a payline. Assuming that
you bet the maximum coin size and get five Duck Dynasty symbols,
you will win the progressive jackpot.

Each reel contains stacked mysterious symbols that are randomly
2 or 3 of the following symbols are replaced after the start of the spin:
cry of the wild duck, phil, willie, jace, si, duck, deer, miss kay,
fishing lures or Corey. This Mystery Stacks feature is usually
helps you form many winning combinations because the same
symbols are grouped together.

Bonus rounds

While the base game and cabinet for Duck Dynasty is good,
what really makes this game stand out are its many bonus
functions. Duck Dynasty offers 7 different bonus features,
many of which include Bally U Spin technology.

You will unlock bonus rounds via the bonus wheel, which
is triggered when you get 3 of these scatter symbols on reels 2, 3
and / or 4.

This will trigger a bonus wheel and each location will have
another game is indicated.

You use your fingers to spin a wheel that will stop in one of the following games:

  • Duck prize wheel
  • Fishing for credits
  • Free games
  • Lucky Duck Bonu
  • Miss Kay’s turtle quest
  • Show C
  • Bonus Willie Yablochko

Unfortunately, the way you spin the wheel is on
doesn’t really have anything to do with the result, but still fun to use
your hand and watch as the fate of your bonus hangs in the balance.

Below you can see a short description of what to expect from
each bonus round:

Duck prize wheel
The bonus wheel will land on
Duck prize wedge with a multiplier of 1x, 2x or 5x, defining
your bonus round multiplier. Then you spin the prize
the “Duck” wheel once and you can win from 100 to 1500
credits or 2 to 5 additional wheel spins.

Fishing for credits
This is our favorite bonus round.
as it takes you into a realistic fishing scenario. You
choose one of six fishing lures to increase your multiplier
from 2x to 10x. From here you throw your bait in
water and fish or boot that earn you credits. You
continue this sequence until you pick up and throw three
bait; Your prizes are calculated at the end.

Free games
You get 8 or 12 free
rotations. After every free spin, somewhere between 2 and 4
the reels turn into big frogs that act like stacked jokers.
Progressive Jackpot Not Available During Froggin ‘Free

Lucky Duck Bonus
You choose the duck call to show your
factor. Then you use the summon to lure the ducks into the water.
and earn credits.

Miss Kay’s turtle quest
First you watch a scene from
a show featuring Miss Kay and the Turtles. After that you
select three turtles on the screen and get prizes from
150 to 500 credits.

Show C
After Uncle C dances a little in his
booth, you can spin the wheel and win from 125 to
1000 credits and a multiplier of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or
7 times.

Bonus Willie Yablochko
First you watch a scene from
show where the Duck Commander team shows the target
board in your warehouse. Using U Spin technology, you stretch
crossbow and shoot an arrow at the board to win
from 100 to 1000 credits. Unfortunately,
it seems that the pressure you are shooting with is not
has no real bearing on the results.

Buffalo King Megaways Slot


Another continuation of the video slot from the developer of Pragmatic Play slot machines. The novelties of this slot provider constantly delight their players. With regards to Buffalo King Megaways, there will certainly be many questions and controversies on thematic disputes.

We have long been accustomed to the Megaways mechanics, and if it is implemented in a video slot, it means that a large multiplication is hidden there, which cannot be said about Buffalo. Its maximum multiplier reaches only x5000, but nevertheless it is not a bad slot machine with many functions. Below is a full review of Buffalo King Megaways video slot.

These days, North American nature slot machines can be found in the lobby like tumbleweed. One example of helping define the genre is Pragmatic Play’s 2019 release of Buffalo King. Was one of Buffalo King’s trademarks its high publicity potential, or must it be insanely unattainable potential? Be that as it may, since then it has become a hit and benchmark for others. It was also another game ripe for the Megaways transformation – due in part to its classic status. Everything else seems to be changing. So let’s get in touch with our spirit guides as we roam America’s backyard with its biggest beasts.

The first notable difference is the dramatically enlarged, albeit technically unremarkable, Megaways setup. Wooden beams support 6 main spinning reels holding 2-7 symbols on each. Also in the upper horizontal coil there are 4 windows with symbols. There are 200 704 ways to win in full, compared to 4096 ways in the original. The rest of the exterior is at least the same, you can see essentially the same cliffs and canyons as before. The scene ends with a street soundtrack and fans of the first “Buffalo King” will not be intimidated by anything too radical. At least from an aesthetic point of view.

Basic information about the Buffalo King Megaways slot
In quantitative terms, Buffalo King Megaways is starting to diverge, starting with an improved RTP configuration. By default, the return percentage is 96.52%. At the very least, you can count on Pragmatic Play to get reliable return values ​​- be careful as this provider uses flexible RTP. It may be lower depending on where you are playing. Always check the paytable. The slot machine is available on any device. The game mechanics allows you to place bets ranging from $ 0.20 to $ 125 per spin. At least that’s the base rate. Buffalo King Megaways allows players to raise their bets using the Ante Bet feature. For an additional 25% of the spin cost, players double their chances of triggering free spins. Please note that the Ante bet does not affect the symbol values.

Despite the fact that Megaways provides more opportunities to win, the value of symbols has also increased. Starting at the bottom of the paytable, we find card icons from 10 to A circling among moose, wolves, cougars, eagles, and buffaloes. They are all staple foods in North America. Buffalo lines are expensive symbols that cost 20 times your stake. The game also includes a wild symbol that appears on reels 2, 3 or 4 to replace any standard payout symbols.

Bonus features
Like most Megaways slot machines, Buffalo King Megaways uses a cascading mechanism, here called the flip function. It is triggered after every win to remove the winning symbols from the reels. New tiles drop out to fill in empty spaces. Which, in turn, could trigger another victory. Somersaults continue as long as the winnings alternate.

Fans of the older game should be very happy with what Pragmatic Play did in the remake. The brooding grandeur of the cartoons made up much of the magic of the first, and it has been faithfully recreated here. Juicy multipliers were another key point that Pragmatic Play both changed and kept. The headlining numbers for the Buffalo King Megaways are nowhere near as impressive as those of their predecessors, but how realistic were they anyway? Over time, the community gradually realized that the advertised potential of many Pragmatic Play releases had been ridiculously exaggerated in order to entice players.

When placing objects under a microscope, it should be noted that the multiplier system is similar to that used in Sweet Bonanza. However, the introduction of multipliers using wilds changes the standard progressive system with a cascade, which may intrigue Megaways connoisseurs. Of course, this method has its pros and cons. It’s great when multiple jokers appear in a spin cycle, although that could mean no multipliers if jokers don’t hit, even if you cascade like tomorrow doesn’t come.

Moving on to maximum payoff, and despite the extra ammo the Megaways is offering, potential has plummeted. In short, Buffalo King Megaways has 5,000 times the stake – an increasingly common amount from Pragmatic Play at the time of this review. For a slot with Megaways mechanics, the rather low potential undoubtedly looks a little strange. However, being honest about what might be realistically achievable, rather than coming up with some dream figure to lure players in, is probably the best solution if you want to stay in good standing with regulators (and your customers).

All in all, Buffalo King Megaways can be considered a decent slot by and large. The statistics may not be as compelling and don’t really bring much new value, but everything else has been increased in the transformation process. Like buffalo fans alike, players interested in a slightly different use of multipliers in Megaways might want to take a look.

Fire Joker Slot


The Fire Joker slot machine, which is offered to the attention of gamblers by the Play and Go company, is really interesting due to its peculiarities.

How Fire Joker attracts gambling citizens
This slot machine has only one special symbol – the joker, which brings the maximum win if it appears on all the reels. In addition, it is also a wild, that is, it can replace any other symbol so that the combination becomes a winning one. The rest of the symbols do not have any special features, but they can all add up to prize combinations of different values.

The smallest prizes are offered for combinations of blue x’s, cherries, lemons, grapes and plums. Their multipliers are equal to indicators from two to seven, respectively. Three inscriptions “bar” will make the player the owner of the goal of fifteen bets per line. Gold installments bring him 20 installments per line, and the maximum coefficient among the base images is the red 7 – 25. Winning sequences require three images of the same type. And it doesn’t matter which side of the playing field the combination starts from.

A slot machine you can’t tear yourself away from
The Fire Joker slot machine has two bonuses, the story about which is worth dwelling on. neither of them is tied to a special symbol, the beginning of both bonuses depends on the location of the symbols on the playing field.

The first special opportunity is respin. It starts up. when only two of the three reels are filled with the same symbols. If there is not a single winning combination, then the third reel spins again, which can lead to the creation of a game sequence.

This function is also a bonus because it does not require additional expenses from the player. And the second opportunity to increase the relying on the prize is the wheel of fortune at, in the cells of which there are various multipliers, from 2 to 10. You can spin this wheel only once. It becomes available only after that. how nine identical images appeared on the screen.

The developers of the well-known company PlayN Go quite often choose themes of classic slots as a source of their creative inspiration. This was the new Fire Joker slot machine, its creators decided not to burden the interface and plot with multidimensionality and variegated design details, but, nevertheless, they achieved an impressively spectacular reincarnation of the three-reel slot.

Among the few thematic symbols, the player will meet the Joker known for his inconstancy, which can bring a good profit to the applicant. The return rate here reaches 96%, and you can start a free demo of the Fire Joker slot from PlayN GO without registration right now. and before playing for real money.

Free spins
There is no Scatter symbol in this slot machine, but you will still be able to get free spins. This option is called Respin of Fire and its meaning is as follows: when the same symbols appear on the two outer reels, the middle reel spins one more time, giving a chance to form a winning combination.

Bonus game
When all the reels are filled with the same symbols, the Wheel of Fortune will appear in front of the player. Spin it up and find out what prize you are entitled to. It can be a multiplier from x2 to x10. Therefore, having got on the screen a funny Joker and a multiplier of x10, you can rejoice at a prize of x800 bets.

Golden Dragon Slot


Put on your armor and play GameArt’s Golden Dragon. Go in search of a mythical creature by playing this amazing game that brings huge profits. It’s packed with awesome features and payouts that will keep you sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting to win. Golden Dragon is a 5-reel, 3-row, 50-payline slot featuring a wildcard, scatter and free spins to enhance your gaming experience. So get ready to uncover the secret treasures hidden in this slot by spinning its reels and getting big wins.

GameArt has made sure that players have the best gaming experience and Golden Dragon demonstrates this. When you download the slot, you will find that it is set against a red background with reels made of gold. Golden Dragon is an oriental-themed slot supplemented with game symbols. Its command bar is conveniently located at the bottom of the display, allowing players to easily set their preferred bet. There is also a soundtrack to keep you company as you continue to play the game. The graphics, on the other hand, have been beautifully rendered, allowing players to load the game up and play without any hiccups. It goes without saying that Golden Dragon does not require software downloads for players to enjoy the game. It can be played directly in a web browser, whether on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. If you are looking for a slot with medium variance, then you should choose Golden Dragon. It will award regular payouts between spins, but you have to be patient for big wins. Golden Dragon is recommended for all players, whether newbies or veterans.

Whenever you download Golden Dragon, you will interact with different characters, including a rooster, a wolf, a fish, and a bat. These symbols represent the standard payable symbols in the game and bring different payouts depending on the icon and the number of times the symbol appears in succession on the reels. If 5 such symbols match, the maximum payout will be up to 200 coins, and if 3 such symbols match, the minimum payout will be up to 10 coins. The second set of symbols in Golden Dragon is the common card symbols A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9. These symbols represent the low paying icons in the slot and award different payouts depending on the icon and the number of times. coincided on the drums. Matching 5 of these symbols on a payline will bring the maximum payout up to 75 coins. You will also find a minimum payout of up to 5 coins when you match 3 symbols of the same kind on a payline. Before redeeming the prizes hidden in this slot, you must first set your preferred bet using the command bar located at the bottom of the slot display. You can set your bet by changing your bet per line from 0.01 to 1.

At Golden Dragon, you will find 50 paylines that will give you plenty of opportunities to hit a winning combination with every spin. You must match at least 3 symbols on a payline to be paid.

Beware of the dragon, as this is the best character in Golden Dragon. Matching 5 of these symbols on the reels will bring a high payout of up to 1000 coins.

While you will find the base game in Golden Dragon to be interesting, you will also find that various bonus features are included in the game. You will find there is a wild, scatter and free spins feature to enhance your gameplay. The wild symbol in this slot is represented by a dragon and gives a payout of up to 1000 coins for matching 5 jokers on a payline. It will also replace all symbols in the slot except the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol, on the other hand, increases the multiplier of your total bet for hitting 3x the scatter on the reels. This will also activate the bonus feature in which you will receive 5 free spins. The scatter symbol only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. Finally, there is a gambling feature that is manually triggered whenever you receive a win.

Big 5 Safari Slot


This five-reel theme is part of the successful King Stacks® family of games, featuring six mysterious progressive games and a five-level progressive game with symbols.

The Big 5 Tracker feature informs players of bet levels and progressive counters that generate higher profits than their current bet level.
The King Stacks feature offers huge stacks of symbols, including double symbols and 5x multipliers, which create great payout opportunities:
Double symbols can bring huge payouts on a single payline.
Six cryptic progressive sequences, a five-level symbol-based progressive system, 5x multipliers and double symbols draw players into the potential for big wins.
A high volatility mathematical model combined with innovative features add variety to the video slot market.
Additional paylines and bonus multipliers become available as players increase their bets, resulting in higher average bets and more coins.

Nektan was created in 2011 by Gary Shaw, and despite the fact that not so much time has passed since its inception, this online casino software developer has already achieved popularity and has become a recognizable brand, gaining recognition from players that testifies to its high quality products.

This company is one of the well-known providers of online casino gambling among the many developers of modern world gambling. Since its inception, Nektan’s main activity has been the development of exclusively gaming platforms that meet the high standards of the modern high-tech world of gambling, but at the same time, this manufacturer has been one of the online casino operators.

Nektan introduces Big 5 Safari slots to players. In the days when this slot was invented, it was simply impossible to program such a complex mechanical system. This machine is unique – it reflects one of the oldest machines that appeared at a time when even five reels seemed like a miracle from the future. If you play these slot machines for free, gamblers can see all the features of the old real mechanical machine. The player has absolutely no power over the game process – all wins come to him only as a result of the coincidence of winning icons, so there are no bonuses, no scatters, no wild symbols.

Hearing the name Big 5 Safari, every real hunter who dreams of visiting an African safari will immediately understand that we are talking about five animals. These are lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo. They are the most desired prey in Safari, but at the same time, they are the most difficult to kill. That is why they are called the “big five”.

Slot description
Big 5 Safari is a classic 3-reel, 3-line slot. On each line, casino players can bet one or three coins with a total value of twenty-five cents to twenty-five dollars. Therefore, the player can play the slot machine with a spin rate of up to seventy-five dollars.

The only way to win at the Big 5 Safari slot is to make a paid combination. It can consist of three identical symbols or any strokes on the active line. In addition, one or two cherries are paid for any position. 2400 coins is the maximum payout. There are no bonuses, free spins, risky games or other options in Big 5 Safari.

Although Nektan’s Big 5 Safari is dedicated to the “Big 5” of African safari, the player can only see one of its representatives on its drums – the lion. However, all animals are shown below the main screen. In addition to the lion, there are cherries as symbols, one Bar line and the same symbol with five. There are no special symbols here, however, one or two cherries are paid in any position, which makes them similar to the scatter.

Big 5 Safari does not offer any progressive jackpots.

There are no bonus games in Big 5 Safari.

Big 5 Safari’s interface is as simple as possible. It consists of one screen with three reels, a paytable and a control panel. The simplicity of the playing field allowed the creators of the slot to place the reels, the image of the game, and even advertisements on the screen. Watching all this is very interesting and very different from all other types of cars.

Payments in the table are indicated in coins, and the amount in credits is displayed in the corresponding window on the control panel. The Big 5 Safari slot machine has basic user settings, a statistics window and an expert mode, in which autoplay buttons appear.

Big 5 Safari is a game exclusively for fans of classic three-reel slot machines. Fans of free spins, bonus games, payout multipliers and other additional options will definitely not like it. The level of variance is medium, so players should be careful when choosing their bets. If the player raises them too much, the long black line may be left without a win. Big 5 Safari slot is a game that is an exciting adventure that will not leave indifferent any person playing for real money, will give a lot of impressions and emotions to every keen player.

Cops and Donuts Slot


Before you can figure out how to win playing Cops and Donuts, you have to know what each symbol brings you and this is why players should pay for the demo slot. There are two different types of donuts and a cup of coffee goes well with them. There is also tape, handcuffs, and fingerprints as required by the policeman. As for the cops themselves, there is a female officer, a thin male officer, and a fatter male officer. Apart from the jokers, there is a demo symbol for the Cops and Donuts slot and this is the one you should look out for.

There must be at least 3 symbols of each symbol on a payline, and a maximum of 5. Three coffees is the lowest payout, more is four, and then 5. Pink donuts are next, followed immediately by brown donuts. If you take the Cops and Donuts demo, you will get used to the characters. Next come the handcuffs, then police tape and fingerprints, before the police intervene. Policewoman gives less victory than males, followed by Thin Cop and then Fat Cop. There is a difference here as it only takes 2 to win big, not 3.

The last and most significant payout symbol is the slot logo, and if you manage to get 5 of them, you will win.

Game features
If nothing else impresses you with the free to play Cops and Donuts and the real money games, the number of bonus rounds will impress you. The wins are not the highest, but they will cover you for a few more rounds. The bonuses are:

Speed ​​Trap Bonus. This stage begins when a police car appears on the first reel, and a stop sign appears on the fifth. Your goal now is to give a good enough reason not to get the ticket. Each result you choose brings a prize, and if they are good enough, you can get a donut. The options you get will be a multiplier, a free pick, or a coin. Since you have more than one chance to stand up for your cause, there are 3 or 4 wins in total, and the challenge is getting to that milestone.
Bonus round of eating donuts. You get into this by producing 3 Fresh Donut symbols on a single payline. You get a certain number of “picks”, the policeman bites, and you get points. This is a lucrative bonus.
How to Play Cops and Donuts Slot Demo and Paid Games

Many players enjoy playing with a wide range of bets that can be placed. By manipulating the keys, anyone can play on each line for as little as 0.20 coins and up to 50 coins. It’s easy to get started and you have to go through a few steps.

Decide how much you are going to bet. The range you can choose from is wider than almost any other game. If you want to go all-in, there is a Bet Max button that players can select.
The next solution is the number of lines to include. The player can choose their paylines, and once that has happened, you are ready to start playing.
How to win at Cops and Donuts demo slots and real money slots
The maximum winnings are 1000 coins for five one-time symbols per line. Unlike many slot machines, there is no free spins round in the Cops and Donuts Slot free game and its raid variant. This fact is a problem for some as they enjoy getting the chance at free games and bonus rounds. Another problem is that paylines only work one way. Consequently, the chances of winning are less, and the placement of jokers is even more critical. To win, you need to get three of the same symbols, which is completely gambling. Regarding the return to the player, this is the amount returned to the player.

For every coin spent, 0.96 coins are returned. Overall, this doesn’t mean every player will get it even with the Cops and Donuts demo. Someone will receive more, and someone will not receive anything. While not the highest figure, it is a decent income that matches many other similar games. As for the variance, it is average. The longer you play, the bigger the winnings can be.

Some of the other offline slots can be found on our website.

Should you play Cops and Donuts free and real money games?
This game is still popular and it might have an element of fun. All generations love cartoon characters. Add to this the chance to get a decent win in the bonus round, and it will probably be in another ten years. It is a shame that many will not be able to play as they will not visit a physical casino and will not be able to play online or on their mobile phone.

It is currently not possible to play on mobile or on the Internet anywhere. Many people are still more than happy to go and play it on a slot machine that has never been a switch to other ways of playing. It may just be a matter of time before the game becomes mobile compatible, but that seems unlikely in ten years. Many casinos offer free spins or a demo game, although here it will be the casino that gives you this rather than winning them in the game.

Pandas Fortune 2


Immerse yourself in the culture of the Far East by playing the Panda’s Fortune 2 slot machine. Play the 5-reel game with the creatures of the East with the help of a cuddly wild panda. Beautiful and detailed graphics from the popular developer Pragmatic Play allow you to spin among the creatures of Ancient Japan to win big prizes.

The virtual machine consists of 5 reels, a 5×3 playing field and 25 always active lines. The total rate is between $ 25 and $ 250. In demo mode, a million coins are given to trigger spins. Test the game for free, the slot has a very high volatility. You will have to make hundreds of spins to uncover the secrets of winning tactics.

The return percentage is set by the Pragmatic Play provider at 96.17%. Five matching golden symbols that land on the fifth reel bring the big fixed jackpot in one round. Pandas Fortune also features a free spins mode.

Theme and storyline
The slot is dedicated to a bear cat or Chinese panda, which symbolizes peace and friendship. The plot is set in the bamboo forests of Sichuan. The main character on the drums is a giant panda. She also appears in the splash screen, which demonstrates the bonus features of the slot.

In addition to the panda, themed symbols appear on the playing field. Six images of cards give up to 500 credits per game at the maximum bet. Bonsai, blue fish and green frog – symbols with the same payout rates, bring up to 1000. Five purple dragons give out 1500, and a yellow-pink butterfly – from 250 to 2000 coins. Ordinary symbols are paid in only one direction: combinations are formed, starting from the left reel, and are lined up sequentially.

Mighty Empire
Panda’s Fortune 2 online slot showcases impressive shimmering graphics, so you can feel like part of an empire. The game is equipped with characters from Japanese creatures such as guardian lions, butterflies, toads, fish, bonsai trees, Yin Yang and of course the wild panda. All symbols have a gold equivalent, which, if it appears, can increase your winnings. Created by the popular developer Pragmatic Play, Panda’s Fortune 2 slot machine is a favorite at the best online casinos.

The drums are set against the background of an animated forest, made of bamboo. Beautifully drawn cartoon characters, Asian music sounds. A unique atmosphere is created by gently swaying bamboo plants and a soundtrack.

Bonuses and limits
Panda is a Joker that appears on four reels. The wild symbol has no multiplier. Wild forms combinations by complementing sequences from other images. Joker can replace all icons except Bonus Symbol – Yin Yang.

The bonus symbol in Pandas Fortune plays the role of Scatter. Three pictures give out two general bets and 8 free spins, for four you will receive 10 FS and a multiplier of x15. Catch three bonus symbols to double your initial bet by 100x and get 15 free spins. The Free Spins feature can be extended an unlimited number of times if additional Scatters appear on the screen.

In the free spins mode, an additional symbol may land on the field. The flashlight drops out on all reels except the first. At the end of the round, it turns into any image and allows you to form a prize combination.

In the free spins mode, special reels are activated. Launch the spins of the Pandas Fortune slot, try to hit the jackpot. Catch the golden symbols on the last reel to win. Three jackpots with fixed rates are available in the slot machine.

Lion guard
Play Panda’s Fortune 2 Slot online with a betting range from an affordable $ 0.25 to an exciting $ 125 to play big numbers. The game has 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines. Thanks to the gold symbol feature, all icons have a gold equivalent that can appear on any reel to multiply your winnings. Free Spins are also awarded when you land three or more bonus symbols anywhere on the reels, starting with 12 Free Spins. If you find more as they rotate, that number increases. The RTP is 96.51% and the volatility is average.

Find thousands of games like Panda’s Fortune 2 online slot on our site for your entertainment. Play games like Novomatic’s Book of Ra Deluxe slot machine to travel to ancient Egypt.

Power of Thor Megaways Slot


The Norse thunder god Thor is the focus of Power of Thor Megaways ™ video slot by Pragmatic Play. This game comes with a powerful hammer delivering 6 reels of chaos that contains up to 117,649 active paylines on any spin.

Gamplay includes regular Megaways ™ games such as cascading reels and a free spins feature that is triggered when you say the name THOR. Increase your win multiplier for bigger prizes, and the Hammer feature also helps you create wins by adding full reel wilds.

Dive into the world of mythology in our full review of slot games and find out all about the bonus features and modifiers that can be activated. Enjoy a free demo and get your real money casino bonus.

Topic and payouts
In Norse mythology, Thor is the god of thunder and lightning and is central to this beautifully crafted game from Pragmatic Play. The slot features a mountainous backdrop, and a powerful soundtrack thunders during gameplay, creating an aura of invincibility associated with this mighty god.

Along with the power and power of this slot, you can also find the 5000x max win associated with it. When we look at how this breaks down into individual symbols, we can see that the king cards from 9 to Ace make up the lower values. The high paying symbols are depicted by the Viking warriors, and Thor, of course, proves a maximum win of 20 times the stake to win 6 of the same.

There are several other titles in the Megaways ™ Series that use mythology as their theme, and if you want to try some of them, then we recommend that you play Unleashed Megaways ™ Vikings and Megaways ™ Legacy of the Gods, both of which are developed by Blueprint Gaming.

RTP and volatility
Pragmatic Play are known for their games with a very generous RTP and Power of Thor Megaways ™ is no exception. The game comes with an RTP of 96.55%, well above the Megaways ™ average overall. You will also find that this slot is in the high volatility category, so wins can sometimes be few and far between, but when they do arrive, they are capable of generating high profits from your bet.

How to play Power of Thor Megaways
We’ve come to expect a high level of user experience when playing Pragmatic’s Megaways ™ games, and they’ve reintroduced Power of Thor Megaways ™. The slot interface is very easy to navigate on any device, so setting options like sound and autoplay couldn’t be easier. Finally, to start the game, you need to select your bet, where switching between the plus and minus symbols will allow you to choose between a minimum of € 0.20 and a maximum of € 100 per spin.

As we mentioned in the introduction to the game, the Cascading Reels feature is present in Power of Thor Megaways ™ and provides a great way to increase your game balance. This mechanic is triggered when you initially create a win, causing the winning symbols to explode and be removed from the game reels. Then completely new symbols cascade from above, which can potentially create a new winning combination. Winning reactions and subsequent cascades will continue as long as new combinations are formed on the reels.

Unique to this game, which is present in both the base game and the free spins bonus, is the hammer feature. This is activated when Thor’s hammer is in 2 positions on the top ascending reel. Once triggered, the hammer will drop to cover up the occupied reels and make them completely wild. The value of the jokers will be determined by how many times the hammer has to fall to cover the drum. So, for example, if there were 5 symbols on the reel, then the hammer will fall 5 times and make it a 5 wild reel.

As always in Pragmatic Play, the quality of the graphics and the smoothness of the gameplay are excellent. We loved the theme and overall experience of the slot and felt that the hammer feature added an extra dimension to the game. The only real downside to this slot that we could find is the maximum winnings of 5,000 times the stake.

This is of course still a very big win and no one would complain about it if they achieved it, but we just felt that a max win, perhaps 20,000 times or more, would take this game to the next level. … However, we still believe this will be a very popular slot as the chance to increase volatility always seems like a winning formula.

Floating Dragon Slot


Floating Dragon is a game released by Pragmatic Play, a slot machine they partnered with Reel Kingdom on. The two companies already have several other joint games, so this should come as no surprise. What’s surprising is how they implemented the Asian dragon theme in this slot. They have chosen themed kites for all of the symbols, so you can see them take shape and float in the air.

Reels 5×3 only get 10 active lines in Floating Dragon. There are no unusual features here, only fairly common jokers, scatters, free spins and Hold & Win respins. What the game is good at is delivering big prizes that promise 5,000 times the stake. The fact that he has an RTP of 96.71% is another big plus for him.

Betting and Prizes
A fairly cheap game if you don’t want to invest a lot in it, with a minimum wager of $ 0.10, Floating Dragon has significantly higher stakes nonetheless. $ 250 is the highest rate you can pick.

The 5000x stake is a payout that can be activated in two ways. One way to do this is to use free spins for several rounds. The other is through the Hold & Win feature, which includes the Diamond Money symbol that can pay that much.

You get higher volatility to get those big prizes, but if you look at the RTP of 96.71% I think you can see that it pays the players better than most real money slots.

Features of the floating dragon slot machine
One of the few symbols that will not depict a kite, instead the wild symbol will represent a beautiful Chinese princess. It is a substitute symbol, used only in combination with regular ones, when together they can create a new combination.

Monetary symbols, such as those with a gold coin, will act as scatters on reel 3. For each symbol you receive, a random amount will be paid out, 20 times your stake. If you get three at the same time so they can cover the entire reel, you trigger the Hold & Spin bonus.

You start with sticky scatters on reel 3. Then you go through 3 respins and try to get more money symbols. Respins return to 3 if there are new symbols. When the feature ends, everyone will receive a random prize. You are guaranteed to win at least 20x your stake using this feature, and if you don’t, you will receive 3 more re-spins until this payout is received.

There is also a chance that you will receive the Diamond symbol. This is the ultimate goal of this feature, as the random prize it offers can be worth anywhere from 100x to 5,000x your stake.

When dragon scatters appear on reels 3, 4 or 5, the game will give you 10, 15 or 20 free spins. Fish Money symbols can appear on the reels, each with a random prize it can deliver, but you will need wild symbols to collect that money for you.

You also collect jokers during the free spins, and for every 4 you get, the game gives you 10 free spins and increases the multiplier for the money collecting feature. First you go 2x, then 3x, and then 10x.

Theme and design
The dragon theme is the one we’ve seen before, especially in these Asia-China themed games. However, what has changed with Floating Dragon is that the main characters have now been transformed into kites that take the form of something that can actually float in the air.

As for what the symbols will display, there are images of a princess, a dragon, money symbols, as well as sailing ships, peacocks, butterflies, Chinese deities, fish, and the five royals on top (10 to A).

Floating Dragon has a fairly high potential, changes something in its theme and design, and the characteristics are quite good. Overall, it looks like a slot machine that can be successful.

Buffalo Slot


Before the invention of online casinos, Buffalo slots by Aristocrats were the most popular in land-based casinos. Even now, if you shouted that name in a regular casino, its avid fans would answer you.

The rich history of these slots goes back to 2008, over ten years ago, when they created their first land-based slot machine, Buffalo. Which was originally called “Buffalo”. However, it was a great way to start a promising streak. It had scatter symbols, jokers, multipliers and bonus rounds, which made it very popular.

With such mouth-watering features and success, Aristocrat had to make minimal adjustments to the sequel version that came out a few years later. In the new version, only the wagering options have changed. The game tried to reflect a serious problem in real life; no one can be all right. He had three betting options, and each had a combination of free spins and multipliers. The players had to decide which was more important, since the high value of one meant the low value of the other.

Makeover The game’s journey took over ten years. In between these periods, up to 4 sequels were released before its first online version finally appeared. These sequels include Buffalo Stampede, Buffalo Grand, and Buffalo moon.

The new era of online gaming that we are today; has many advantages that make it better than the era of land-based casinos. One of them is the fact that players can try the games for free with the free play option. To keep up with the trends, Aristocrat’s online version of Buffalo slot machine started with Buffalo Gold, Buffalo Max and Buffalo Diamond in 2018.

Here are a few reasons why Aristocrat’s Buffalo slot has shown superiority over the years.

The slot has a higher RTP of 94.85% than the 90% you get at land-based casinos.
There is a lot to win during the game. Potential available winnings are distributed from the main game to the bonus rounds.
The game has money stacked around where you can go home with a lot of money if you’re lucky.
Buffalo slot machine has additional free spins and several multipliers. Depending on how lucky you are, you can get up to 20 free spins with multipliers up to 27x.
Finally, the game is easy to play and compatible with all devices.
You may not appreciate the level of success of Buffalo slot machine from the outside. However, if you consider some of the following points, you will realize that his journey of more than ten years has been very successful.

To celebrate their success, Aristocrats launched the first ever Xing slot in July. The Xing offers its visitors the best gaming experience in all of their favorite games of all time. Aristocrat has hosted Xing at the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas so players from all over the world can get together and enjoy their favorite games.
In August, Aristocrat expanded its Buffalo slot collection. A car that premiered at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casinos in Hollywood. There are 3,456 ways to win in this fantastic game, and there can be up to 16,000 in the bonus games. It also has a progressive jackpot in which the player can win up to $ 10,000.

However, RTP does not guarantee a win; instead, all it does is say how potentially friendly a slot can be.

Buffalo’s RTP of 94.85% is on average compared to other games.

The volatility of a game describes its behavior in terms of winnings. A high volatility slot usually has no win rounds; however, the payout is usually huge when it hits.

On the other hand, low volatility slots reduce risk while minimizing rewards.

Buffalo combines medium RTP with high volatility. At the same time, you can place bets from 1 cent in the game. This makes it suitable for most players.

For a game without progressive jackpots, the maximum possible winnings on the buffalo are high. Using a multiplier feature that can go up to 27x, players can claim the top prize of $ 400,000 while waiting for them.

While this is higher than usual for most games, some of its sequels have better jackpot prizes. A good example is the Buffalo Grand, which has a jackpot of $ 1 million.