Duck Dynasty Slot


Duck Commander, Duck Dynasty, based on the Robinson family and their business, has become one of the most
successful reality shows of all time. As is usually the case,
when the TV show gets so popular, Duck Dynasty has found its way
place in the casino thanks to Bally’s.

Unlike the redneck family it is based on,
Bally’s Duck Dynasty slot machine is quite luxurious thanks to the Alpha 2 Pro case
Series with two slots side by side and many
bonus features.

But is it worth playing Ducky Dynasty slots only if you are
a fan of the show? Or is it a slot that everyone can enjoy?

Find out in our review, which goes into the details of Duck Dynasty.
bonus rounds and comparison with the mobile version.

The first aspect of Duck Dynasty to discuss is
Alpha 2 Pro Series case. This side-by-side setup allows you
and your friend play at the same time, letting you watch
for big wins and bonus rounds of each other.

The cabinet also has a screen above the drums showing
several moving characters from real life. It’s nice
a touch of realism while playing.

You will, of course, see the main characters on the drums,
including all of the following:

  • Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander
  • Corey Robertson, Willie’s wife
  • Jace Robertson, Willie’s brother
  • Uncle C Robertson, Uncle Willie
  • Miss Kay Robertson, Willie’s mom
  • Phil Robertson, Willie’s father

There are several other symbols in the game as well.

Duck Call is Wild and substitutes for all other symbols except Bonus Wheel and Duck Dynasty.

The Duck Dynasty symbol offers the highest recurring payout in
10,000 coins when it appears five times on a payline. Assuming that
you bet the maximum coin size and get five Duck Dynasty symbols,
you will win the progressive jackpot.

Each reel contains stacked mysterious symbols that are randomly
2 or 3 of the following symbols are replaced after the start of the spin:
cry of the wild duck, phil, willie, jace, si, duck, deer, miss kay,
fishing lures or Corey. This Mystery Stacks feature is usually
helps you form many winning combinations because the same
symbols are grouped together.

Bonus rounds

While the base game and cabinet for Duck Dynasty is good,
what really makes this game stand out are its many bonus
functions. Duck Dynasty offers 7 different bonus features,
many of which include Bally U Spin technology.

You will unlock bonus rounds via the bonus wheel, which
is triggered when you get 3 of these scatter symbols on reels 2, 3
and / or 4.

This will trigger a bonus wheel and each location will have
another game is indicated.

You use your fingers to spin a wheel that will stop in one of the following games:

  • Duck prize wheel
  • Fishing for credits
  • Free games
  • Lucky Duck Bonu
  • Miss Kay’s turtle quest
  • Show C
  • Bonus Willie Yablochko

Unfortunately, the way you spin the wheel is on
doesn’t really have anything to do with the result, but still fun to use
your hand and watch as the fate of your bonus hangs in the balance.

Below you can see a short description of what to expect from
each bonus round:

Duck prize wheel
The bonus wheel will land on
Duck prize wedge with a multiplier of 1x, 2x or 5x, defining
your bonus round multiplier. Then you spin the prize
the “Duck” wheel once and you can win from 100 to 1500
credits or 2 to 5 additional wheel spins.

Fishing for credits
This is our favorite bonus round.
as it takes you into a realistic fishing scenario. You
choose one of six fishing lures to increase your multiplier
from 2x to 10x. From here you throw your bait in
water and fish or boot that earn you credits. You
continue this sequence until you pick up and throw three
bait; Your prizes are calculated at the end.

Free games
You get 8 or 12 free
rotations. After every free spin, somewhere between 2 and 4
the reels turn into big frogs that act like stacked jokers.
Progressive Jackpot Not Available During Froggin ‘Free

Lucky Duck Bonus
You choose the duck call to show your
factor. Then you use the summon to lure the ducks into the water.
and earn credits.

Miss Kay’s turtle quest
First you watch a scene from
a show featuring Miss Kay and the Turtles. After that you
select three turtles on the screen and get prizes from
150 to 500 credits.

Show C
After Uncle C dances a little in his
booth, you can spin the wheel and win from 125 to
1000 credits and a multiplier of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or
7 times.

Bonus Willie Yablochko
First you watch a scene from
show where the Duck Commander team shows the target
board in your warehouse. Using U Spin technology, you stretch
crossbow and shoot an arrow at the board to win
from 100 to 1000 credits. Unfortunately,
it seems that the pressure you are shooting with is not
has no real bearing on the results.