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Big 5 Safari Slot


This five-reel theme is part of the successful King Stacks® family of games, featuring six mysterious progressive games and a five-level progressive game with symbols.

The Big 5 Tracker feature informs players of bet levels and progressive counters that generate higher profits than their current bet level.
The King Stacks feature offers huge stacks of symbols, including double symbols and 5x multipliers, which create great payout opportunities:
Double symbols can bring huge payouts on a single payline.
Six cryptic progressive sequences, a five-level symbol-based progressive system, 5x multipliers and double symbols draw players into the potential for big wins.
A high volatility mathematical model combined with innovative features add variety to the video slot market.
Additional paylines and bonus multipliers become available as players increase their bets, resulting in higher average bets and more coins.

Nektan was created in 2011 by Gary Shaw, and despite the fact that not so much time has passed since its inception, this online casino software developer has already achieved popularity and has become a recognizable brand, gaining recognition from players that testifies to its high quality products.

This company is one of the well-known providers of online casino gambling among the many developers of modern world gambling. Since its inception, Nektan’s main activity has been the development of exclusively gaming platforms that meet the high standards of the modern high-tech world of gambling, but at the same time, this manufacturer has been one of the online casino operators.

Nektan introduces Big 5 Safari slots to players. In the days when this slot was invented, it was simply impossible to program such a complex mechanical system. This machine is unique – it reflects one of the oldest machines that appeared at a time when even five reels seemed like a miracle from the future. If you play these slot machines for free, gamblers can see all the features of the old real mechanical machine. The player has absolutely no power over the game process – all wins come to him only as a result of the coincidence of winning icons, so there are no bonuses, no scatters, no wild symbols.

Hearing the name Big 5 Safari, every real hunter who dreams of visiting an African safari will immediately understand that we are talking about five animals. These are lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo. They are the most desired prey in Safari, but at the same time, they are the most difficult to kill. That is why they are called the “big five”.

Slot description
Big 5 Safari is a classic 3-reel, 3-line slot. On each line, casino players can bet one or three coins with a total value of twenty-five cents to twenty-five dollars. Therefore, the player can play the slot machine with a spin rate of up to seventy-five dollars.

The only way to win at the Big 5 Safari slot is to make a paid combination. It can consist of three identical symbols or any strokes on the active line. In addition, one or two cherries are paid for any position. 2400 coins is the maximum payout. There are no bonuses, free spins, risky games or other options in Big 5 Safari.

Although Nektan’s Big 5 Safari is dedicated to the “Big 5” of African safari, the player can only see one of its representatives on its drums – the lion. However, all animals are shown below the main screen. In addition to the lion, there are cherries as symbols, one Bar line and the same symbol with five. There are no special symbols here, however, one or two cherries are paid in any position, which makes them similar to the scatter.

Big 5 Safari does not offer any progressive jackpots.

There are no bonus games in Big 5 Safari.

Big 5 Safari’s interface is as simple as possible. It consists of one screen with three reels, a paytable and a control panel. The simplicity of the playing field allowed the creators of the slot to place the reels, the image of the game, and even advertisements on the screen. Watching all this is very interesting and very different from all other types of cars.

Payments in the table are indicated in coins, and the amount in credits is displayed in the corresponding window on the control panel. The Big 5 Safari slot machine has basic user settings, a statistics window and an expert mode, in which autoplay buttons appear.

Big 5 Safari is a game exclusively for fans of classic three-reel slot machines. Fans of free spins, bonus games, payout multipliers and other additional options will definitely not like it. The level of variance is medium, so players should be careful when choosing their bets. If the player raises them too much, the long black line may be left without a win. Big 5 Safari slot is a game that is an exciting adventure that will not leave indifferent any person playing for real money, will give a lot of impressions and emotions to every keen player.

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